Member Benefits Platform

Public Member Features:

  • Interactive Map of Businesses
  • Ability to view more details about offer(s) from businesses
  • Map can update to displays businesses based on the user’s location
  • Ability to view the businesses as a list
  • Ability to search for businesses
  • Ability to filter businesses by categories
  • Accessible on all mobile devices, tablets and desktops
  • Members can sign up for email updates when new offers are added*
  • Ability to embed the platform within a webpage

*Member email addresses will be stored in and exportable from the system. This feature does not include integration with email clients or CRM systems

Administrator Features:

  • Add, Edit, Delete Businesses
  • Add, Edit, Delete Offers
  • Export list of members who have signed up for new offers
  • Analytics on how many times businesses have been viewed, with events populating in Southern California Public Radio’s Google Analytics
  • Ability to generate Active Participants Report of current businesses and those expiring within 60 days including:
    • ​Offer
    • website
    • Category
    • Location/phone
    • Contact name/email/phone
    • Promotion start date
    • Promotion expiration date
    • Contract expiration date
    • Promotion status (active/expired)